moments captured

Christmas surprises – Laltoo Girls!

the beautiful laltoo girls!!  christmas gift for mom…

timing is everything, and getting these four girls together was no small feat!  but…we pulled it off, huh, girls?  we were practically giddy at the idea that these girls could give mom a canvas print for christmas…especially since they’ll really be all over the place after this year…

laura, i can’t begin to tell you how much you mean to our family…and what a beautiful job you’ve done raising these girls.  i can hear you now…”there i go, by the grace of God…” – and to Him be all the glory!  thank you for being such a great source of encouragement as i’ve seen you walk some tough roads.  i’ve also seen you come out on the other side…how sweet it is!  your girls really are a testament to you just keeping on…living each day, one at a time…

so…merry, merry christmas, “laltoo girls”…and much love!!


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