moments captured

Winter Inspiration…


i just can’t help loving the things that make every season its own…ahhhh…winter.  the harsh cold is often softened by a fresh blanket of snow…

as we thought we’d finally get enough snow for sledding this time around, it turned into maybe a 1/2 inch in the end.  a gorgeous dusting, just not sledding material.  BUT…i was reminded this morning as i looked out my kitchen window, that even in the middle of a season where it appears that everything is dormant, things bloom.  i really did think “how in the world?…”  in the heart of this painfully cold season, these little red berries stuck out like a sore thumb.  wow.  they were peaking even…waiting on winter so that they could bloom.  i. love. it.  SERIOUSLY!  could this get any better?  what a sweet reminder that in the midst of cold, dark, and even harsh times, when all i really want to do is hibernate, there is redemption.  good grief.  nothing in life is wasted, huh?

sooo…i suppose we’ll still have to wait for our bigger snow for sledding…but, in the meantime, i would encourage you to not just look around you, but to really see the beauty.  see the redemption.  how much we must miss trying to get out of the cold, when so much of the beauty lies there…



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