moments captured

Duff Family

get ready to laugh.  i mean laugh. out. LOUD!!!!!!  i can’t remember a time a group of people [just being who they are…hysterical!] has made me laugh so hard.  all while i was  holding a camera.  soooo…suffice it to say, i had lots of opportunity to capture this family…up against the wall!!

so you might recognize one of these ‘dufflings’ (as mama duff so affectionately terms them)…i had the great opportunity to capture josiah’s senior pics & graduation last summer…well, as he was home from college on christmas break, the duffs decided it was high time for a family picture.  after all, all three dufflings were home together…a rarity when you get to their ages…

we ventured out on this chilly winter day…and loved EVERY minute!  seriously, when i said i can’t remember when i laughed more, i meant it!  you might be thinking, who ARE these people??  well, let me introduce you.  they’re the kind of people when i said “ooooo–cool yellow wall!  ok, duffs, up against the wall,” you get them…well, up against the wall!!  or are constantly moving and being ridiculously funny.  or bring with them their “personality” glasses and a sweatband on a photo shoot.  or LOVE to pose for the ‘gangsta’ shot with mom & dad in the background…LOL…on and on…all on their own!  jonathan, the oldest, with josiah and papa duff were just too much!  and bethany, who i would say is usually the introvert, can be really drawn out by those dastardly big brothers.  i just loved seeing the family dynamics…as always!  and it wasn’t just the kiddos…it stemmed from mom & dad!  daryl & claudia, loved seeing your smiles and lots of laughter…of which i’ll never grow tired…

thank you, duffs, for being such real people.  i can’t help but love y’all more and more over the years…crazy family…amazing friends!  loving jesus more than life itself will do that to a person, huh?  keep laughing, smiling, goofing, doing what you do…it’s so infectious!!


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  1. Ohhhh Jamie! What a great gallery of the wonderful Duff family! These pictures truly reflect how beautiful they all are. You did an amazing job keeping the camera still with all the laughing. 😉

    January 24, 2011 at 4:45 am

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