moments captured

Sara Field

introducing SARA!!!

it was SO incredibly fun to meet sara last month…she was in visiting her parents in this area, and we were introduced by a mutual friend [thank you, AMANDA!!].  we got to talking and had lots in common…military, california, photography, jesus…just a ton of stuff.  sooooo…i conned her into a photo shoot.  told her i needed a good picture of me for my blog/fb/etc [funny that being behind the camera doesn’t provide that!!], and i could give her one, too…

ok.  so we were super excited.  totally carefree [once we got her kiddos settled].  just really anticipating having fun with photos with no pressure…which we did.  BUT here’s what we didn’t see coming.  once we got out there, alone in FRONT of the camera, it was hard!  i mean, it was really, really hard.  i’ve taken family photos with my fam, and even pictures with ty, but being all by yourself is a totally different story.  and i don’t think either one of us anticipated that.  we were totally cracking each other up because we felt so…CHEESY!  now, don’t get me wrong.  we had a great, great time just being us.  but it was such good therapy to remind us of what anyone who gets in front of our cameras might feel like.

and so…although these pictures are of sara – GORGEOUS GIRL! – i really feel like they’ll always be a reminder to me of how i felt that day.  and it reminded me that part of my job is to put people at ease.  to capture them as they are, not wanting them to feel awkward or exposed [no pun intended!].  and there are some of you out there that are so darn natural in front of a camera that you have absolutely no idea what i’m talking about.  but as for the rest of you…thank you!  for enduring and trusting and just being you!!

sara, thank YOU for being authentic, adventuresome, and just plain FUN!!  can’t wait til you visit again…

for those who would like to check out sara’s work, her website is…

i think it would be weird for me to post pictures of…well, me.  but, for sara’s sake, i’ve posted one below 🙂  she took the image, and i just did the editing…


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