moments captured

Sister Love

helllllooooo blog world!!  good grief, for being the cold, winter months, we sure have been busy…not so busy, though, to miss capturing some sweet moments with the best girls on the planet (although i may be a bit partial!).  sisters as different as night and day…but full of love!  for real.  i love these girls…

my sweet girls braved this chilly winter day with me…they were up for some adventure!  i was just on post, wanting to scope out other places to take pictures, and they were my willing subjects.  good sports, too…love that!  when i look at these pictures, it’s hard to believe how they’re just all grown up now…

my more reserved aubrey is just starting to look at colleges, still loves to read and write, and is just brimming with life possibilities…

while little sister noel is my artsy girl, has a tender heart for all her wild ways, loves her dog and driving around with aubrey…

i’m thankful they’re so different.  lord knows i couldn’t handle two of either one of them!  [and, in their defense, i’m sure they couldn’t handle two of me!! lol!]

crazy to think that in just a few years, they’ll be off on their own adventure…which, in part, will be our adventure.  but really, in lots of ways, it will be theirs alone.  adventures to continue to mold them and shape them beyond our bounds.  so scary and exciting and sad and amazing…all at the same time.  not to mention how THEY will feel!  HA!

so…here’s to SISTER LOVE!  embrace today…it will be gone in just a few moments…

thank you, girls.  you’re truly the best.  i love you beyond measure…








One response

  1. Karel Wilkinson

    Great pictures of 2 great girls. Thanks for sharing them Jamie. Karel

    February 22, 2011 at 1:30 am

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