moments captured

Cake Boss…Kosa style!

one of my favorite pictures on the planet right now…and i’m just OH so thankful that tyler doesn’t ever read my blog!!  he may have something to say about me posting this…

so if you know tyler at all, even just a little, you’ve probably never seen him like this.  he’s usually pretty reserved.  that’s probably why i’m so in love with this picture…it captures who he really is.  REALLY.  when it’s just us.  just family.  hanging out.  SO great!!  singing his little heart out because he’s baking!  just because he can…i love that he feels free enough to just belt it out…and make the rest of us sing and laugh, too!!

the story:

well, as it happens, our family stumbled upon the “next great baker” show a few weeks before the end of the season.  we [meaning tyler especially] loved it!  recorded every one so that he could watch them over and over.  ended up finding “cake boss” too.  he and noel have been planning forever that they would open up a restaurant.  noel loves to bake.  always has.  tyler does like to cook, too…but now i’m thinking they’ll just open a bakery together!  who knows?!  anyway…i digress…let’s see…so we watched the show, were inspired by these cool and amazing cakes every week, and when the steelers were headed to the superbowl [yes, the boys are HUGE steelers’ fans], dad said ‘let’s make a STEELERS cake!!’

ummm…wow.  that’s what i thought.  so all of the sudden they had grand plans that involved all kinds of things that i had no idea about.  tyler wanted to use fondant.  oh my.  but he let me know he would have to ‘dirty ice’ the cake first so that the fondant would stick to it.  huh?  ok, seriously.  the kid is only 9.  *sigh* this is gonna take some work…

so…this above picture is tyler on superbowl sunday, still in his jammies, working away at some cake batter.  happy to be alive.  tyler chose vanilla for the bottom cake, and a chocolate cake went on top.  noel got in on the action.  she was in charge of the details on the cake [letters, footballs, jerseys].  we opted out of the fondant.  after all, it was our first cake.  we decided to cook up sugar cookies for all of those things they wanted as decorations on the cake.  ty [not knowing any better!] didn’t roll the dough very thin….the jerseys were HUGE at first.  so, so funny!!  the whole thing was quite comical, actually.  tried to keep my nose out of it, although it was admittedly hard…especially because they NEEDED help!! lol.

you can see the end result.  not bad for a first attempt.  and so, although the steelers didn’t win that day, i’m not so sure that’s what we’ll remember.  think the boys are already planning on making noel a birthday cake very soon.  they said they’re ready for the fondant this time.  oh my…again.

one thing i did decide though.  it’s good that the kids have ty.  because he allows them to believe they are only limited by their own imagination.  they can achieve anything…even if it’s not perfect the first time.  he’s creative and doesn’t mind the mess [cleans it up, too!]  yep, he’s my favorite.

so…you may want to put your order in now.  you may be looking at a couple of the next great bakers!!


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