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Words that last

i’m a little more reflective than usual this morning…i feel like i’ve got lots on my mind and heart.  mostly about kiddos and just what a treasure they are.  and about words.  how they really impact our children…and anyone else we come into contact with.  i read this amazing post at the beginning of the year and keep returning to it because it has spoken to me so deeply.  although i usually really love to write myself, ann’s words say it so well:

“…It is all the ink and and all the words and and all the voices and and all the stories that stain us and make us who we are.

All the words I have ever spoken, they are making my children who they are. What we speak into others, this is what they become…

Is that why He {Jesus} tells us that His Words are to be our very life? So that His Words permeate us and become the words of life we speak into others? You are what you speak and you are what you hear and we are our words and our tongue is the tail of our heart.

…we have only one account of {Jesus} writing anything at all. It was with his finger too, and it was only this: Jesus “stooped down and wrote on the ground.” (John 8:6-8)

When God came to earth, He didn’t inscribe one word in a tablet of stone. No granite for God. Nor books or blog, not even one letter, signature or song. Jesus wrote no documents — He only scrawled in dirt. He etched His Word in shifting granules of dirt.

Writing in dirt — it seems so — fleeting. How can words in dirt survive anything?

And yet —

All words are really only shaped in dust.

Whether encouraging a child, phoning a hurting friend, publishing a blog post, writing a book — all our words can ever do is just this — inscribe dirt. For isn’t this what lives are made of?

Our words holler across the house, blink up on a screen, scroll across a page, but ultimately they’re written in dust — right onto skin, right onto hearts of sand.

And in the upside down kingdom, it is not published books or shared blogs that endure, but it’s what is housed in the dust that is eternal; it’s the words we’re writing on hearts that last forever…”


the first time i read this i thought ‘why, oh WHY would i be entrusted with children??”  i can sure botch it every day of the week without even trying!  but then…truth really started saturating my soul.  i am loved beyond measure…and so are my kids.  God is good…all the time.  so be encouraged today.  it’s new and fresh…

last summer aubrey took a picture with her cell phone while we were at the beach.  funny to me now, after reading this post from ann, that aubrey’s words were written in the sand.  it’s been my wallpaper on my phone since she took it.  admittedly, there are some days i don’t really see it.  not today. thought i’d share it with you…

you can find ann’s full post at  Heart to Heart with Holleyi know you’ll be truly encouraged there…

praying your days will be full of JOY and lots of {great} words…


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