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not quite sure how we went from being in the 40s on saturday {think 2 soccer games, chilled to the bone} to getting up to 80 this afternoon…crazy weather!  BUT, it looks like spring is finally, finally going to make an appearance this week.  for keeps.  YAY!!  i mean, the birds are singing, the buds are bursting, the sun is out later.  makes you feel like you’ve got more of a day, you know?  love it.  things are fresh and new…

i have to say i’m bursting myself!  i’m ready to get out and play.  be outside, soak up the sun, shoot pictures, laugh, sing {no, i won’t sing at your shoot!}…i’m just thankful not to be cold!

AND…another thing that’s making me giddy this week {and the reason you haven’t seen much posting going on lately}…getting a whole new site for photography!  yep, my own little corner of cyberspace…SO super excited!  new blogsite should be up and running by the end of the week…so keep your eyes peeled.  i’ll keep ya posted…it’s gonna be FUN!!

and no worries, i’ll be around lots more.  because with spring weather comes lots of fun pictures!!  so, minus any thunderstorms that frequent this area and the pollen, it’ll be great!  just don’t forget to take your allergy medicine.  oh wait.  that’s me.  OH HAPPY DAY!


Valentine’s Day Cards!

24 wallets ~ $30

i LOVE valentines!  do you remember decorating tissue boxes for your school desk when you were a kid and then handing out valentine’s day cards?  oh my word, just brings back lots of memories…anyway, just thought these would be fun to post.  found these templates at mcp actions…super fun website for photographers…and they were FREE!  even better!!  i think i really liked these because they were simple but cute!  just what our munchkins are!!  SOOO….i can totally order your valentine’s day cards if you’d like.  of course, everything is totally customizable.  from the color of the cards to the picture (of course!) to the wording.  the pictures don’t have to be in b&w, i just liked them that way…since these are supposed to be valentines, i’ll order them in wallet size…BUT, if you’d like them bigger, we can totally do that, too…just let me know!